Two Today!

Creative Hearts is a toddler! Two years old today!

This business allows me to express my creativity, meet new people, pay some bills (sometimes!) and still be there to spend time with my children. It’s a massive part of my life and I’m so greatful to everyone that supports me, orders flowers, likes, shares and comments on posts and believes in me.

Looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring!

From my Creative Heart to yours…..Thank You!

Sally xx


Work. Money. Happy. Balance?!

Pretty much everyone I know is looking for that one job that they love, that will also keep them in the standard of life they would like.


I came across the diagram above on Pintrest and it got me thinking.

It’s a classic head vs heart decision. Stay in a job that makes you bored/unhappy but pays the bills. Or give up a job you love that isn’t paying well but makes your heart happy.

Take a chance or not? Can anyone truly find that balance?

This is something I have struggled with since starting my own business. I have two little (and two much bigger mouths) to feed and so pursuing my passion often comes with a side helping of guilt.

On the flip side I enjoy the thought that my children will grow up seeing their parents working and pushing to achieve their goals.

I’m not saying sticking to a well paid job you don’t love is the easy option. I think it shows a level of maturity and discipline (that perhaps I don’t have.) And I’d be lying if I said I don’t envy the foreign holidays, new (as in mortgaged) houses etc that some of those people around me are enjoying. But I guess it comes down to where each individual person/couple/family can comfortably sit on the diagram above.

Where do you fall on the diagram? Do you think that illusive middle section exists? Are you happy, fulfilled and well paid? Would love you hear from you.

Sal x