Another great loss this week. So many characters that spoke to so many people. Alan Rickman – R.I.P. Always. Sally xx



Back into flowers…..The first 4am alarm of the year wasn’t fun, and crikey is the studio cold!! But being back working (playing!!!) with flowers is where I should be!! So today I’ve been making up some rustic handtied bouquets with Roses, Anastasia Blooms, Tulips, Thelspie, Crespedia, Veronica and all sorts of lovely foliages. Some lovely bright colour’s to warn off those January Blues!! And Tulips just remind me that Spring is on it’s way!!

What’s your favourite sign that Spring is coming? 

Sally xx   

Friday Flowers – Quotable Cacti

So it’s a little ‘cheat’ for Friday Flowers as they’re actually plants but I really wanted to show you all the Quotable Cacti I was making before and over Christmas. Long lasting, quirky and Sooooooooo easy to keep! It’s actually good if you forget to water them!! Each mini Cacti has a little message of quote so these make great gifts!

What’s you’re favourite quote? A few of my faves are below!

Sally x x  

Lucky Dip Bouquets

A little something I’ve been doing since before Christmas that have been proving popular are these  Lucky Dip Bouquets! Fresh from the flower market bouquets for £5, £7, £10 or £15. I try to make sure that each one has a good mix of lovely textures in and these are perfect as a little pick me up gift for yourself or a friend. Flowers don’t have to be expensive from a Florist. I’m focused on long lasting seasonal flowers that will brighten anyone’s day! There is even the option to have them arranged in your vas e if they are for home at no extra charge! 

How often do ou have flowers in your home? 

Sally xx