I did not have high hopes for today.

A 10am appointment at the hospital to have two crumbled teeth (a lovely souvenir from my last pregnancy) removed. Joy!

The blow was sweetened by my Mother in law offering to have the children overnight last night. I struck very lucky with my MIL, she’s fab!

So a lovely relaxed evening last night apart from a disappointing ‘Dine in for 2 for £10’ from a major supermarket, we were unusually seduced by what was on offer and we were not impressed. I’m not the best cook but can defiantly do better that dry roasties and a rather boring herb butter sauce.  The profitteroles were nice enough…glass half full and all that!

Fab night of undisturbed sleep, so fab in fact that we managed to ignore the alarm, EEK! I realised how helpful our children are for the 7am wake up call sometimes! Without them we woke 20 minutes before we had to leave – que rushed showers and no breakfast!

We made the appointment in time and were in and out of the hospital within 30 mins (when does that ever happen?!) A little shaky with the local anesthetic, but other than that no drama. Yey!

Leo chose to stay another night at Grandma’s (I have since received a text informing me he has told Grandma he wants to stay at there FOREVER!) My nearly 4-year-old already wants to leave home. Spoilt much at Grandma’s?! Probably.

So Libby and I relaxed, played and watched a film in bed whilst Daddy did the ‘Insanity – workout’ He really puts me to shame with all things fitness related! I must take a leaf out of  his book, I see a failed new years resolution coming on……

Once we’d had lunch (Readybrek for me!) We decided to head out and enjoy the Autumn sunshine with a walk around the beautiful countryside which is right on our doorstep. We wrapped up warm, popped Libby into her carrier and headed off.




We blew away the cobwebs, enjoyed that gorgeous Autumn glowing light and reminded ourselves how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place.

I’m now away to start watching Season One of Misfits with the Mr – yes we’re behind the times! But we struggled to find series that we both want to watch! So often have to take it in turns to choose. So don’t tell me what happens!

So a day of two halves…How’s your day been?

Sally xo