I discovered I take FAR too many picture of food and drink! But looking back has made me remember how tasty this lot was to eat (and sup!). No wonder I’m not a size 10!!

Food has always played an important part in the make up of my family. My father was a Chef (and later Chief Steward) in the Merchant Navy so has always struggled to cook for less than 10 people! So there was/is ALWAYS leftovers. We do most of our socialising around the dining table or at the very least with a coffee and a biscuit, and we are MAHOOOOSSIVE lovers of cake! (who isn’t?!) So I am fine tuning my sponge recipes at the moment (see below). I’m still learning when it comes to cooking and baking but I’m very much of the ‘try it and see’ school of cookery. Try something and if it doesn’t work try again next time, especially when it comes to herbs and spices. Luckily I have two very honest tasters. Soon to be three as we have just today started weaning our little Miss. We are looking forward to all the fun of her first tastes! Christmas dinner being an upcoming highlight!

I’m working on pies at the moment, below is this evenings offering. Chicken, broccoli and Spinach in a white wine sauce. Really tasty if I do say so myself. I have to confess I make the fillings but buy store-bought pastry! I will try making it one day soon though, Promise! Any tips would be very welcome!!


Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in America!

Sally xo