This weekend…

Just a quick one tonight folks. It was a busy (and calorific!) weekend. My Dad’s 60th Birthday which ment a day of food! A full english breakfast, coffee and homemade (by moi!) Death by chocolate Mars bar and raspberry cake and an all you can eat Indian Buffet. Not all at the same time but we definitely had a very tasty weekend!  A good time was had by all. The kids and I made a sweet treats poster, 21 chocolate bars and sweetie packets in total, all arranged to tell Granddad how amazing we think he is!

T’other half is on holiday this week and we were lucky enough to have a child free night and day (Thankyou Grandma!) I spent Sunday evening baking salted caramel cookies and we both had a full night sleep!!! Then we headed out shopping and for a bite to eat….As you can see by the picture above for Mr K it was much more than a bite…….1KG of food in total all on one plate!!! Talk about Man vs Food! On this occasion food won, those that know Mark know this never happens!

I also managed to sneak in a little bargain hunting and picked up another fantastic vintage teapot to add to our ‘for hire’ collection….keep a look out for more details about that coming very soon!



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